Thursday, November 27, 2008

They're Here!

The holidays are here! So, how can we make it to January 2nd without seeing more of ourselves in the mirror than we do now?

  • HOLIDAYS are here; not HOLIWEEKS; not HOLIMONTHS! For the next several ‘weeks’, do not give yourself license to forgo the healthy eating principles you have acquired. Thanksgiving is a holiDAY! Christmas is a holiDAY! New Year’s day is a holiDAY! If there are any other days in the next upcoming weeks where you will find yourself surrounded by LOTS of food, remember they are just that: days! When that ‘day ‘ is over get right back on track with your healthy eating and exercising.
  • GIVE AWAY THE LEFTOVERS. When the meal is at your house, tell folks to bring their containers so they can take all of the leftovers of the food you don't need right back out the door with them!
  • DO NOT DEPRIVE YOURSELF. When we deprive ourselves of something we really, really want, we often overindulge on something else, or finally have what we really want along with what we did not really want. Enjoy what you want but use portion control, and try not to eat as much as you would have in the past.
  • KEEP MOVING! Perhaps you will want to give your regular exercise regimen a hiatus for a few days during the upcoming weeks, but you can still keep moving. Keep taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Keep parking far as you can from the store entrance. Keep making LOTS of trips to the mail room or copy machine. Keep walking the long way to the post office or neighborhood market. Keep moving!
  • BE PREPARED ON YOUR JOB. From chocolate candies, to muffin baskets, to potlucks, to gift exchange celebrations, you name it! Take your own healthy snacks to work with you. You may still want to indulge on the holiday delicacy, but if you have your own snack you will have options.
  • THE ALL YOU CAN EAT HOLIDAY BUFFET. 1) Don’t hang out at the food table. 2) Drink water the entire time. 3) Choose lots of fruits and veggies. 4) Beware of dishes cooked in sauces and creams. 5) Choose lean meats. 6) Have your favorite dish, just don’t have so much of it! 7) Chew slowly! 8) Exercise the one plate rule: pile it high with whatever you want but never go back to the buffet!
  • TAKE YOUR OWN. Who cares what your family members say?! You can’t control what others will bring but you can control what you bring to the family gathering.
  • FOCUS ON FAMILY, NOT FOOD. Enjoy each other. Play games. Tell stories. Look at pictures. Play outside together! Create memories!
  • THE NEXT MEAL YOU CAN START ALL OVER. Too often we say, ‘Oh, well, since I have overeaten at lunch, there goes the rest of the day.’ WRONG! You can make a different choice. Choose to get back on track at dinner; don’t wait until the next day!
  • TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY. If you do choose to wait until the next day to get back on track, rather than the next meal, that’s fine too! Just don’t put it off until the next week! Tomorrow means the next day!
  • STEP AWAY FROM THE FOOD COURT ! If you must eat at the food court while shopping, 1) try the kid's meal, 2) eat before you go to the mall, 3) don't have lots of cash on you, 4) put a 100 calorie snack in your purse to have to eat first so you won't eat so much.
  • FAST FORWARD. Imagine how you will look and feel if you gain weight between now and January 2nd. Picture yourself on that morning as you stand before the mirror, or struggle with your zipper on a pair of pants that fit fine in November. Not a pretty sight is it?

    Enjoy your holidays! They're here!