Saturday, December 27, 2008

What's Your Motivation?

Today, I bought a pair of blue jeans for myself for the first time in ....Hmm....maybe 10-15 years. (The one pair that I do own is about two sizes two big and though very comfortable, look simply dreadful. My 14 year-old son loathes them.) Family members made sure I did not go alone as my sister insisted that she accompany me to the store, and before realizing this my other sister volunteered to provide her assistance. My nephew and his wife teased me as I walked in front of them in my new jeans. I blushed. My nephew said, "Hey, you work out all the time; you eat right every day; you deserve to look good in some nice jeans." Though looking good in a pair of jeans is obviously not my motivation for eating right and exercising -since I have not bought any in over 10 years - it helps to have a good reason (or reasons) to motivate us to be healthy and fit for the rest of our lives (not just for a season). Trying to fit into a dress is not motivating enough for good habits to become a lifestyle. Looking good for hubbie won't last forever if you yourself don't want to make the changes. Perhaps your motivation is that you want to do what you can to add longevity to your life. Perhaps, while you are living, you might as well be healthy. Perhaps, you have children, or grandchildren, or god-children that you need to be a good example for. Perhaps, you are determined to break the chain of disease that seems to run in your family, that can be controlled by eating healthy and exercising consistently. Perhaps, physically, your life really does depend on you being healthy. Perhaps, our motivation should be that because the Lord has blessed us with such awesome physical bodies, the least we can do is whatever it takes, to take care of them. Perhaps your motivation is that you are just sick and tired of being sick and tired.

So, what's your motivation?

Hmm....these jeans actually do feel kind of comfortable...who knew?!....:)