Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Different Perspective

In a devotional I read this morning, with regard to the innkeeper who escorted Joseph and Mary to his stable because he had no more rooms available in his inn, the author said, “While some describe the innkeeper as an example of uncaring, sinful mankind who rejected the Savior…’I truly believe that Almighty God used the innkeeper as the arranger for a healthier place than the crowded inn – a place of privacy.” Hmm…that’s a different perspective, isn’t it?

Perhaps that’s all we need for 2010 – a different perspective. No New Year’s Resolutions. No unrealistic goals without any real desire to obtain them. No lofty ambitions only meant to impress others; just a different perspective; a different set of eyes; a new way of seeing things.

Perhaps in 2010 when we look in the mirror we will be honest about what we see. Now, that would be different!

Perhaps in 2010 we will admit that there are certain foods that we just need to abstain from if we are going to be in good health. That’s a switch!

Perhaps in 2010 we will stop lying about our age, be grateful that we are alive and well, and do what we can do to be in good health. That’s radical!

Perhaps in 2010 we will consider that ‘balanced’ and ‘smaller proportions’ does not mean ‘never again’ and ‘hardly anything’. Amazing!

Perhaps in 2010 we will receive the wonderful flavor of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean meats as earth’s treasures rather than earth’s medicine. Oh, I like that!

Perhaps in 2010 we will be grateful that we can put one foot in front of the other and take a brisk 30 minute walk each day (broken up into 10 minute increments if necessary) rather than see it as a consequence for an offense we must have committed in our teen years. That WOULD truly be a new perspective!

Perhaps in 2010 we will realize that getting enough rest at night (6-8 hours), and taking lunch breaks, and taking earned vacation days don’t equate to being unproductive and lazy, but means we care enough about ourselves to take care of ourselves. OUCH! THAT ONE HURT!

As with Joseph and Mary, I trust that in 2010 we will accept a ‘healthier place’. Making choices that are good for our health consistently may not look good on the outside, but my oh my, the results are life sustaining!

Enjoy your new perspective!

A Heavenly Conversation

The Son: Father, you look troubled. What is it?

The Father: It is that time of year when so many of my children will declare that they will make better choices for their physical well-being in the coming year,
but so much of what they say will simply be lip-service.

The Son: (always the intercessor) Oh, come now, Father, they are sincere, and they do mean well, but it can be extremely difficult to undo years and years of poor habits.

The Father: “Extremely difficult”….,Hmmm…would that be on the same level as the
Red Sea that I parted?.....Or, perhaps the Jericho wall that went tumbling
down like children toy building blocks?

The Son: Father, you know what I mean. They are faced with so many distractions and temptations and lack of time.

The Father: ..and lack of true desire…..Son, there are so many little things that can be done, such as parking further from entrances, cutting back on desserts, walking 30 minutes per day (in increments of 10 minutes if one must), substituting some of the ingredients they normally cook with, taking the stairs when given the option, etc. But what grieves me the most is that they ‘know’ these things! Yes, some are perishing and coming home to us much too soon, for lack of knowledge, but many are perishing because they refuse to ‘apply’ the knowledge they already have.

The Holy Spirit: I would help them and give them guidance, if they would just ask. And those that do ask often ignore my nudging and my pleading. I speak in the Supermarket. I speak when they go to restaurants. I speak when they’re at family occasions. I am always speaking! But, many of them choose to hear certain instructions, and ignore others.

The Son: But, Father, we all know that the kingdom of God is not meat and drink, but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. And, bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come. These that you speak of have chosen the best part.

The Father: Yes, my Son, and we also know that to live a life full of me includes self-control, moderation, and a pure, undefiled temple set aside for my use. They are to be my witnesses in more than just their spiritual lives. Besides...I so yearn to give them not just my sufficient grace in this area of their lives, but also a life of abundance!

The Son: This year will be different Father. I know it will. Be patient. Please.

The Father: Yes, that I will do. With me, all things are possible.