Friday, January 2, 2009

The Truth and Nothing But the Truth

Last week as I was reading one of the many fitness magazines that I love to read, in an article about New Year’s resolutions, the writer recommended that we stop “Why-ning”, i.e. stop asking ourselves questions like, ‘Why don’t I have a better job?’, ‘Why isn’t this and that right about my life?’ etc. Actually, when it comes to moving forward to a healthy lifestyle, I would encourage us to go right ahead and ask the Why questions, as long as we are truthful in our answers:

QUESTION: Why is it that I STILL don’t have a regular exercise regimen?
Truthful answer: Because I’m lazy.

I know that was painful, and you are just about ready to exit out of this blog, but let’s be honest with ourselves. Men, you are more selfish than women and you know it. Anything you want to do, you do it. Women, not only are we masters at multi-tasking (which I have decided is more of a curse than a blessing….more on that next time…), but in general, if there is something we want to do, no matter what the circumstances are, we will FIND a way to do it. It doesn’t matter what or who we have to move around, re-adjust, or re-schedule, we will find a way to do what’s important to us.

QUESTION: Why don’t I eat more fruits and vegetables?
Truthful answer: I choose convenience rather than quality.

Whether it’s because of convenience or unwillingness to cook, be honest; you are making a choice. If we are not careful, not only will our fast paced society keep us from missing out on what’s really important in our lives (God, family, relationships, giving back), it may also prevent us from taking the time to eat healthy.

QUESTION: Why do I gain the weight back as soon as I lose it?
Truthful answer: I continue to go on diets. I refuse to make lifestyle changes.

Diets don’t work. But, you already know that, don't you?

QUESTION: I know what to do to lose weight and be healthy and fit, so why won’t I just do it?
Truthful answer: I want a quick fix; I want it to be easy AND I still want to be able to eat any and every thing I want.

Now what did our mothers always tell us? Anything of value is worth working for……it takes hard work for long lasting results…..if you don’t work for it you won’t appreciate it……if it happens over night it won’t last a lifetime…Well, our mothers were right!

Here’s an idea: Instead of not being totally honest with ourselves and making New Year’s Resolutions that we won’t keep, why don’t we simply choose to apply what we already know?! “The things which you learned, received, heard, and saw in me: do these things, and the God of peace will be with you.” Philippians 4:9

What a concept!!!

Have a Happy Healthy New Year!